Monthly Archives: February 2011

Ageism in advertising

I don’t mean in the content of advertising, I’m more interested in the challenges of  age in terms of careers and employment.  It is a real issue but one that is never discussed or acknowledged.

I was paired up with another twosome on a golf course and it turned out   [...]

Is it ever right to resign a client?

Over the last few weeks I’ve met up with a number of agency folk for catch-ups and general chit-chat. I found a consistent theme with them all; I have no idea if they are representative of the UK industry but they are all operating in the first division of the   [...]

One man's meat etc.

I have several friends who have sold their successful businesses to the big global groups in recent times and the pre and post sale mentality is extremely consistent across a number of people. During the pre-sale period the vendor(s) feel wanted and important with the prospect of a big pay   [...]

Smoking is taxing

I’m reading Allen Carr’s book “Easy ways to stop smoking” as I do need to stop even though I’m down to a few a day. I would recommend it to anyone thinking about giving up.

I did stop at one point in the book where he points the finger at   [...]

The youth game

I watched the Brit Awards last night and boy o boy did I feel out of touch with the kids!

I only knew the older names; Duran Duran, Boy George, Take That and of course the lovely Cheryl Cole. I had not a scooby on the other nominees and winners.   [...]