Monthly Archives: May 2012

Another Facebook exorcet

It is clear the Facebook IPO is going to get more and more messy.

It has come to light that Mark Zuckerberg unloaded 30.2 million shares on day one and banked $720 million. By the end of trading 3 days later the stock had slumped as we all know saving   [...]

Facebook fights back

It looks like Facebook has pulled a PR rabbit out of the hat in double quick time with a little help from my friends as the Beatles sang. In a previous opinion piece on the Facebook IPO saga I commented on what I see as poor communication from FB which   [...]

Older, loaded and misunderstood

Last night we went to the Jazz Cafe in Camden to see a bunch of musicians who have been around since the ’60′s. Rod Argent on keyboards (Hold your head up, God gave you rock&roll) was outstanding and full of energy. Back at home I checked him out on-line and   [...]

A social loss of face

According to the business press Wall Street is full of recriminations over the Facebook IPO. Morgan Stanley, the lead underwriter, allegedly ignored downward revisions of forecasts from its own analysts during the roadshow pre-IPO. The top securities regulator in Massachusetts has issued a subpoenia to Morgan Stanley as part of   [...]

Is Facebook like the kings clothes?

For anyone not understanding the kings clothes reference it comes from a children’s story about a king riding naked on his horse; but all of his subjects were told he was wearing some special clothes hence they applauded his outfit even though they could see he was naked as the   [...]