Monthly Archives: July 2012

Boris as PM

Andrew Gimson in the London Evening Standard (31/07/12) has written something I’ve been mulling over but not quite had the confidence to write about; he has suggested Boris Johnson is limbering up to become the future leader of the UK. His observations are very insightful and persuasive.

What has gone   [...]

Tesco’s modern advertising model

The new model Tesco have gone for with their £110m advertising account has provoked a great deal of interest; not least due to it being made public which is new news.

The combo of Wieden & Kennedy and TagWorldwide makes enormous sense as it gives Tesco the two key roles   [...]

The CMO danger zone

The departure of Joel Ewanick as CMO of General Motors appears to be a sudden and unexpected move not helped by the comment from GM “… he failed the expectations that a company has of an employee.” Hmmm, not sure what that is code for.

I do not have the   [...]

Boris is the winner of the branding of London’s bikes

On Saturday I witnessed one of those magnificent moments that seem so typically British. I found a spot on the route for the mens road race close to the finish at the bottom of Hyde Park. As the tail end Charlies were coming around the corner in dribs and drabs   [...]

Tesco’s de-coupling is the way forwards

When I saw the news Tesco had appointed Wieden & Kennedy to handle their £110m ad account my first reaction was ‘interesting and surprising decision’. The smart money would have been on Tesco hiring one of the big players and not an agency renowned for its outstanding creative output –   [...]