Monthly Archives: August 2012

Lessons in mergers, the do’s and don’ts

My previous response to the TBWA news regarding the appointment of Peter Souter as the new Chairman and ECD of the London office has provoked a reaction, in particular one from Neil Christie, the CEO of W&K London. Neil was one of the management team at the time of the   [...]

TBWA London places big bet on Souter

The news that Peter Souter has been appointed to the top slot at TBWA London opens up a lesson in agency management worthy of a case study on what not to do. Not about Peter, by the way, nice bloke and I wish him every success.

The real story is   [...]

From Facebook to Fadebook

In May this year I made an amateur estimate of Facebook’s valuation at the time of the IPO and ended up with a number that looked crazy; my maths told me the stock price should be more like $7 rather than $40. It has now dropped sub $20 and falling   [...]

The silent revolution in adland

The news about Tesco’s appointment of Wieden & Kennedy along with TagWorldwide seems to have opened a window to a quiet revolution taking place behind the scenes in adland.

The buzz phrase is ‘de-coupling’, sounds a bit suspect depending on where your mind goes when you hear the phrase. It   [...]