Monthly Archives: September 2012

At last some fresh advertising.

I’ve just seen the US television work for the Galaxy S 111. Awesome.

How do you combine in one 90 second spot product comparisons, make the competitors customers look like idiots, take the piss out of American culture and leave the viewer with ‘there isn’t an option other than to   [...]

Has Sainsbury’s moved to a more health conscious position?

As they say travel broadens the mind and I certainly benefited from this mind developing effect after a trip that included a few days in Milan.

The broadening of the mind was nothing to do with the magnificent buildings or the amazing food, it was the people. I realised Milan   [...]

John Lewis leverages television with style.

The new John Lewis TV spot has managed to get a great deal of coverage over the last few days; this advertising is beginning to become an ‘event’ and no doubt the Christmas spot will be eagerly anticipated. It’s a tough path to tread for any agency as the inevitable   [...]