Monthly Archives: January 2013

How much of car advertising is wasted?

Lord Leverhulme is credited with saying “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted, the trouble is I don’t know which half”. (I think he nicked it from John Wanamaker, a US store merchant, nickname ‘Wanamakerlotofmoney’.) Applied to car advertising I would venture it is more like 70/30. … […]

WHSmith exploits regular travellers

I was glancing through a few year end results and spotted WH Smith, a retailer I have a grudge with. The bottom line is sales down, margins up. Sounds like a miracle in retail at the moment. So how do they manage to pull off … […]

Common sense is not so common.

With all of the worrying news on the retail scene it makes me wonder to what extent management of these companies genuinely listen to what the great unwashed actually think. I fully understand the energy needed to turnaround a business – I’ve … […]

All Change at Virgin Atlantic?

Steve Ridgway leaves the airline after 27 years, just two years less than the first flight to New York in June 1984. I had the pleasure of working with Steve briefly when we produced the first advertising campaign for Upper … […]

Q1 2013, Retail High Noon

The news was predictable albeit the detail not so easy. Would Tesco pull back share, would M&S turn the corner, would HMV survive? Then Jessop goes bump in the night before we’ve taken down our Christmas decorations. How come John … […]