Monthly Archives: February 2013

When taste elasticity reaches breaking point in advertising.

There must be times when a client is sitting in their ad agency meeting room having just seen creative proposals, wondering what to say next. This must have been the position the team from BetVictor were in at VCCP when … […]

Digital jargon can get in the way.

Recently I’ve self diagnosed Jones’ Syndrome, as in ‘keeping up with the’. It’s based on my anxiety of becoming an old fart due to my broad lack of interest in the finer detail of the digital world. I’ve heard myself saying ‘cool’ … […]

Putting a value on experience, expertise and talent.

Seems like an issue a lot of people confront today is monetising experience and expertise. If we have a heart problem and need surgery our instinct is to opt for the best man in the land and pay him whatever … […]

Trust is becoming a driver of brand stength

Trust seems like a growing issue for brand owners. The latest scandal has been the horsemeat saga in burgers. Tesco acted instantly with full page ads in the national press apologising followed up by a further full page ad informing … […]

Start-up ad agencies being squeezed out.

Talking to people in the advertising world there seems to be a feeling that start-ups face an uphill struggle far greater than the past. There is a conspiracy of factors that make the jump to independence a bigger gamble than … […]