Monthly Archives: December 2013

The best of 2013

Advertising person of the year

This was the easiest for me as David Droga deserves to be voted most influential person on the planet at the moment for the performance of Droga5 in 2013. In just seven years in New York his agency has gone from zero to hero. I   [...]

Beware of new marketing directors

Agencies are always unsettled when a new marketing director arrives at one of their clients. The wisdom handed down over the years is a new marketing director will attack the easy things to change to make a mark quickly such as a logo alteration, packaging design and of course the   [...]

Political correctness gone mad

I’ve just seen some political madness from a group of Labour MP’s who have called for an end to ads for ‘boys toys’ and ‘girls toys’, claiming that they limit the prospects of girls later in  life. Not boys, just girls. That’ll be because this is proposed by a woman,   [...]

Tesco walk the talk

I’ve read quite a few funny articles about the Christmas barrage coming at us from all directions. The most common grump is the start time of the advertising; it began in earnest during November. I understand retailers who sell goods with long lead times such as beds and sofa’s but   [...]