Monthly Archives: January 2014

What next for social media’s challenges?

As we approach February 2014 we can look forward to a big birthday party at Facebook as they celebrate their 10th birthday.

What an amazing journey since February 2004, going from zero to one billion users around the world. Social media has become the preoccupation of advertisers, media agencies and   [...]

The hidden persuaders according to The Sunday Times

In The Sunday Times (26/01/14) there was a pull-out section in association with Debrett’s. It listed Britain’s 500 most influential people in the UK today. One of the categories listed was advertising.

The introduction said “Debrett’s…. has carried out exhaustive research among the most significant individuals and institutions in   [...]

WH Smiths monopoly at airports results in rip off pricing.

Exactly one year ago I wrote a piece about how WH Smith rips off travellers with their monopoly in airports, train stations and motorway service stations. It provoked quite a lot of comment with complaints about their aggressive pricing.

However if you were an investor a year ago you would   [...]

A new TV series “The Creative Supremo”

My prediction for 2014 in the world of advertising is we will see a few start-ups shake up the UK industry. It’s a long time overdue.

The climate is heading towards the perfect conditions for new, shiny and interesting agencies to open their doors for several reasons. The chances of   [...]

Nigella proves there is no such thing as bad publicity.

Oscar Wilde is alleged to have said “There is only one thing worse than being talked about and that’s not being talked about”. This would appear to be very true in the case of Nigella Lawson.

Prior to the incident outside Scott’s restaurant with her then husband, Charles Saatchi, Nigella’s   [...]