The Book

I got around to writing this mini-book after several people urged me to write down the advice I had given them.

The point is mostly about that exciting/scary decision to start a new business venture from scratch. Whilst it is focused on the advertising industry the principles apply to any service business.

Over the years I’ve been involved in 6 start-ups within my own business interests, 2 start-ups in an advisory role, 1 admission to AIM. I was the lead in the sale of our business in the 90’s to Omnicom, member of the core team who managed the merger of Simons Palmer with TBWA and then the subsequent acquisition of GGT.

For me the purpose of writing all of this down was to give some advice and learning’s to anyone thinking about starting their own business in the marketing/advertising space. On a good day it might save a lot of time, save wasted money and avoid the mistakes that are inevitable.

The contributions from a number of other people who have been through the same process have been invaluable and interestingly they all have consistent views and advice.

He would say this wouldn’t he as Mandy Rice-Davies once famously said but I wish I had a version of this before we jumped of the cliff holding hands for the first time.

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