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M&S bet on a bumper Christmas

The heavy artillery of the Christmas advertising barrage formally began over the last few days with both M&S and John Lewis launching their offensives. Both have had wide media coverage, and both sets of senior management being interviewed by various media channels.

The Sunday Times provided insights on both companies   [...]

Jaguar could do with a Grrrr

The article written by Simon Francis on the car market in is very interesting and provides insight in to the big challenge of how we buy our cars; a challenge for the manufacturers and dealers.

Some years ago I was asked to write an article for Campaign magazine about   [...]

M&S advertising is like painting lipstick on a gorilla

Over the last year or so I’ve compared the advertising output of M&S and John Lewis several times; last Christmas I gave a thumbs down for M&S and thumbs up for John Lewis. Neither was an opinion of the quality of the work, both very good, but more to do   [...]

Advertising isn’t as good as it used to be? Discuss.

I’ve read a fair amount of comment in recent weeks about the lack of creative flourish in a lot of work being transmitted to the world. The argument seems to point to the mega groups being accused of dumbing down creative output, making the wider world of advertising less imaginative   [...]

Advertising mega merger

Over the last week there has been a frenzy of speculation about the proposed merger between Omnicom and Publicis. It probably goes without saying – but I will – both Mr. Wren and M. Levy will have discussed in great detail the implications of this gigantic move, and much of   [...]