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A related topic to an earlier post – More is Less. How often do you not own up to a new piece of jargon? I must admit I hate it with a passion of mega proportions. I was in a … […]

The realities of starting an agency

The planned short book I’m struggling to finish is the result of numerous people suggesting I write down the advice I have been asked for over recent years. The working title is ‘Day 1 to day 2555’ or seven years … […]

Act, don't wait

I’ve lived through two experiences over the last 12 months where delays by management to act has led to bigger problems and in one case a terminal situation. Out of respect for the people concerned I won’t divulge the names … […]

More is Less

I was asked to comment on a set of work for a globally famous institution as a favour for someone (no names but a true and accurate account); the reason was the person concerned couldn’t judge the agency’s proposals. I … […]

The Great End-line Debate

I’ve had many conversations over time with clients and creatives about end lines, more often than not ending up in arguments! Ahead of the pitch for the European launch of PlayStation we had an agreed strategy and creative route which was centred … […]