Monthly Archives: February 2012

Money talks or does it?

According to the Advertising Association 2011 ad expenditure in the UK will be circa £16 billion. So a client spending £1.6m in 2011 will account for 0.01% of all advertising. Makes you think harder about what is and isn’t effective, … […]

What's in a name?

Talking to someone tuned in to the wider world of advertising the other day provoked a very interesting question. The discussion focused on who were the hot people creatively in London at the moment and the person I was with … […]

Do call centres define brands?

Who ‘owns’ the answer systems we have to navigate through when we call a company? Given customer service is a major factor in the perception and reputation of brands we use and relate to it would be understandable if the CMO … […]

Bold moves in bad times

I’ve just been putting to bed two separate presentations over the last week or so and found myself returning to a well worn quote from George Bernard Shaw: “Reasonable men attempt to adapt themselves to the world, Unreasonable men attempt … […]