Monthly Archives: June 2012

Jimmy Carr nailed to the NewsCorp cross

This week The Times ran a front page story about tax evasion with a large picture of comedian Jimmy Carr. The story was concerned with his tax affairs in great detail. He has subsequently gone public with a statement confirming he has … […]

Drink the Kool-Aid

One of the most over-used expressions at the moment in the US is ‘reaching out’ as in ‘thank you for reaching out to us’. I guess it means making contact. It carries more perceived weight than ‘thank you for contacting … […]

Sir Martin Sorrell

I think the pressure on Martin Sorrell to back down on his proposed salary increase is a disgrace; he may not be everyone’s favourite person but he didn’t enter a popularity competition. He took the Americans on at their game … […]

Where are all the local retailers going?

I have commented several times about London being a different country to the rest of the UK for a variety of reasons. The main one is the illusion that the world is a happy, prosperous place due to the concentration … […]