At last some fresh advertising.

I’ve just seen the US television work for the Galaxy S 111. Awesome.

How do you combine in one 90 second spot product comparisons, make the competitors customers look like idiots, take the piss out of American culture and leave the viewer with ‘there isn’t an option other than to buy the Galaxy’? And pull it off with style and panache?

There is a lovely scene where a cool guy is waiting in line, obviously for the latest Apple iPhone, and he tells his neighbour he is keeping the place for someone else. He has a Samsung Galaxy S 111. Then he looks up and says “Hi Mum and Dad”, the ones he is keeping the place for. They are a couple of older hippies. Very funny and what a put down for Apple.

The line is “The next big thing is already here”. (In brackets what are you load of sheep doing waiting for the Apple store to open, close brackets.)

Samsung should run this work in the UK assuming the product works here – I don’t know in truth. However Samsung should not allow their UK marketing people to re-invent the wheel and just run this outstanding work.

There has been so much comment about the lack of fresh advertising in the UK whereas this campaign is the freshest thing I’ve seen for ages.

The agency is called 72andsunny in LA and Amsterdam. I imagined someone cruising in LA in a convertible with the radio on when the presenter says ‘today it will be 72 and sunny’. The man at the wheel screeches to a halt and thinks what a great name for an ad agency.

I wish I’d thought of the name and more importantly had some involvement in creating this smashing, enjoyable, persuasive advertising.


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