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From Facebook to Fadebook

In May this year I made an amateur estimate of Facebook’s valuation at the time of the IPO and ended up with a number that looked crazy; my maths told me the stock price should be more like $7 rather … […]

The silent revolution in adland

The news about Tesco’s appointment of Wieden & Kennedy along with TagWorldwide seems to have opened a window to a quiet revolution taking place behind the scenes in adland. The buzz phrase is ‘de-coupling’, sounds a bit suspect depending on where your … […]

Boris as PM

Andrew Gimson in the London Evening Standard (31/07/12) has written something I’ve been mulling over but not quite had the confidence to write about; he has suggested Boris Johnson is limbering up to become the future leader of the UK. His … […]

Tesco’s modern advertising model

The new model Tesco have gone for with their £110m advertising account has provoked a great deal of interest; not least due to it being made public which is new news. The combo of Wieden & Kennedy and TagWorldwide makes … […]

The CMO danger zone

The departure of Joel Ewanick as CMO of General Motors appears to be a sudden and unexpected move not helped by the comment from GM “… he failed the expectations that a company has of an employee.” Hmmm, not sure … […]