Boris is the winner of the branding of London’s bikes

On Saturday I witnessed one of those magnificent moments that seem so typically British. I found a spot on the route for the mens road race close to the finish at the bottom of Hyde Park. As the tail end Charlies were coming around the corner in dribs and drabs there was a sudden massive cheer from the crowd and two chancers came round the corner on Boris bikes. It was very funny and the crowd laughed and cheered the two cheeky monkeys.

What then struck me was the comments around me along the lines of “those lads on Boris bikes” which begs the question of branding. For those readers not in London a scheme was introduced where bicycles can be hired from docking stations all over central London and the bicyles are branded Barclay’s, the sponsor. However the scheme was introduced by the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, universally referred to as Boris. So Barclay’s have forked out millions to ‘own’ the scheme but nobody refers to them as Barclay’s bikes, they are well and truly Boris bikes.

Obviously Barclay’s have their brand name everywhere which is no bad thing but they do not enjoy the word of mouth mentions. In reality Boris appears to have the kudos for the scheme (and I’m not sure who was the person who initiated this scheme) and not the brand forking out the dosh.

Boris was blessed by his parents to be christened with such a memorable name as it has given him that brand handle most advertisers would die for. Nike, Orange, Virgin, Boris. Perhaps when he retires as Mayor he could create a business branded Boris for a range of products that fit his eccentric personality?

The Olympics are great for London and the UK, the amount of work that has been completed all over the city is very impressive however the only challenge for residents is getting around due to the roads. I came to the conclusion last week that the only way forwards was by bike after being stuck in various traffic snarl ups. Since then Boris bikes have been my sole form of transport and very enjoyable it has been because everywhere is accessible. Cycling down Park Lane without any traffic has been a joy.

Whether the Boris bike idea was very smart forward planning or a coincidence is irrelevant now but without them life would be much more challenging during the Olympics; plus Transport for London must be enjoying a big spike in revenue to help pay for all of the infrastructure work.


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