A related topic to an earlier post – More is Less.

How often do you not own up to a new piece of jargon? I must admit I hate it with a passion of mega proportions.

I was in a meeting in the City several years ago heading for a floatation on AIM and one of the advisers said something like “this is a plain vanilla envelope” so I asked him what that meant. He was a little sweaty and admitted he didn’t know but thought it sounded good for some perverse reason. What?

I am nervous about the language derived from the digital world; I guess I don’t feel ‘in the loop’ so to speak and don’t want to come across as someones dad – even though I am the proud father of three grown ups.

So what joy today when I found out the origin of the word ‘blog’. Close your eyes and truthfully say out loud the answer before you read on.


It came from the popular mid 90’s personal journals called ‘web logs’ – i.e. a journal on-line rather than on paper. Then some geek called Peter Merhotlz as a prank shortened it to ‘weblog’ and then to ‘blog’. So blindingly obvious once explained but I have never dared ask what a blog is derived from.

I’m convinced every decade some arse invents a new glossary of terms for some new concept and they get away with it for a few years before we all cry ‘it’s the kings clothes’ all over again. Remember CRM? Another bandwagon for people searching for a role in life. Apologies to the experts in this pursuit. I’ve heard very senior people in the ad world nail their stake to the cross for some new fashion or trend. Just look at the websites of agencies and find the word ‘integrated’. It’s all rubbish in reality, people are good at their chosen discipline and not so good at others.

I worked with a very clever and naughty creative director who would weave in to client meetings fresh concepts that were invented and wait for the client to repeat the words. It worked time after time.You can imagine the reaction – “that’s what our brand needs, cross media transference, well done you guys”. Give me strength.

As the Sex Pistols said “Never Mind the Bollocks” etc., jargon is a disease and today I discovered a logical answer to where ‘blog’ came from. I’m very happy.

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