Olympic Overload

I’ve been out of the UK for 10 days without access to TV and made the conscious decision to not buy newspapers. I felt like a break from the usual 24/7 news bombardment and very refreshing it was too.

I sat in front of my TV back at home and one of the instant impacts was the volume of advertising related to the Olympics; it feels like it has gone from nowhere before I went away to back to back ads with Olympic themes.

What struck me was how they all begin to merge with each other because it is very tough to differentiate when the subject matter is from one source. I genuinely cannot recall any specific brand ad due to the similarity of the content. Also some of the ones I’ve seen make a very tenuous link with the Olympics.

I’m waiting for the one corker that stands out from the crowd; one that ziggs whilst the world zaggs as they say. For example, the BBC2 series Twenty Twelve is a fantastic antidote to the overall coverage; inspired, funny, very credible, but not putting down the event, just finding an amusing slant on the inevitable chaos in the background. A genuine creative idea that is bound to collect a bag of awards for writing, production, casting, direction. The PR girl, Ms Sharp from Perfect Curve, is simply magnificent. ( A family member has played a role in the series and says John Morton, the writer and director, is a real stickler for detail and will rehearse and rehearse until he believes the cast has got it exactly as he wants a line delivered.)

In our risk averse world at the moment I would love to see a brand with the bravery to do a similar thing as Twenty Twelve. However I bet any idea tabled by an adventurous creative team would be swept under the carpet due to the corporate concern of the client; not wishing to be seen to take a light-hearted approach to, what is, a major worldwide event.

However some brands could make hay whilst the sun shines without being negative and possibly bringing a smile to millions of faces. How about the cute labrador puppies working overtime due to all of the extra bottoms that need attention. There must be plenty of brands able to take a left field approach to the topicality of the Olympics. Durex must be looking forwards to a spike in sales, (and not in the product). There must be a cheeky line something like ‘Game on with Durex’.

With all of this in front of us we will get Olympic Overload and I look forward to some brave brands taking advantage of a very rare opportunity to go down in advertising history by doing a Twenty Twelve.

Image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/locosteve/7620525258

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